Monday, May 24, 2010

Midnight Rambling

Now, i feel the summer's heat.
It's hot n sweaty.
I can't imagine experiencing the heat for another 2 months.
Now i can feel Malaysia right under my skin.
I wish i'll survive.

Can't wait for midwest games to end.
This event put everyone under pressure.
Even me, myself can feel it.
Well all i can say that, i somehow enjoy the process of making it works.
I somehow gain experience like working with others in team, so on and so forth.
Hope MWG-i 2010 will be a blast!

On a last piece, enjoy Malaysia to those who will be flying back home.
Have a safe trip.

1 comment:

saje nk bg tau..(",) said...

huhu..chaiyok2..wat yg trbaek..pasti kn menang erk..hehe..(",)..Y..