Saturday, October 31, 2009


What should i do today??
Oh, btw, Ira and Ama are here.
They arrived at 2am this morning.
Now, dh off to Indianapolis to shop!
Shop till you girls drop ye..(",)Y

Nak shopping jugak!!
Xpelah, kite puasa shopping dulu.
Arini ddk uma n lynn......(",)
Ok, bye2.

Hungry's CHICAGO...(",)

Definitely makes you hungry or starving i shall say.
I'm having my third hot dog of the day.
Nyum nyum..(",)
Jemput makan!!

It's weekend again..(",)

Yey peeps, it's weekend again!!!
Saturday and Sunday, i heart you!
Bolehla rehat2, layan2 ape yang nak dilayan.
Ade Halloween Party at Apa's.
What should i wear???
Pakai telekung boleh x?

Anyways, Ira cakap die nak turun sini.
Nak pergi shopping katanya.
Ewah2, mentang2 dah nak grad, shopping sakan ye.
Takpe2, aku paham.
Nanti kat Malaysia, barang2 yang super branded bole tgk je.
Kene tahan nafsu.
Unless you came from a freaking rich family,
Then, you can have whatever you like yeaaaaaa...(",)Y

Well, i hope to enjoy my weekend.
Hope you guys too!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


First time did a Bollywood dance on Malaysian Night at Purdue. I had so much fun! Love it!..(",)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mata Kuyu..(++)

I despise this feeling.
Bila lapar, lapar sangat.
Bila kenyang, kenyang sangat.
Bila dah kenyang, satu kerja pun tak jalan.
Is it because of the food, or just me?
Mesti sebab the food.
I blame it on you!in denial
Although my homework is waiting to be done, but i refuse to work on it!
Once again, blame it on the food that i ate.

DE test is done.
Another two tests are coming soon.
I pray that i can give my best.
Only 7 more weeks left until i reach my winter break!
Cepatlah cuti!
Tak sabarnyaaaaaaaaa....(",)Y
Nak rehat.
Hehe, this sem is not so hectic, but i'm facing some problems to cope with it.
Tak taulah kenapa.
The workloads?
Last semester lebih kurang je.
Maybe some of them need extra attention from me.
So, i need to focus more on my work.

Mak dan ayah, i'll do my best in my studies.
Amie tau mak dan ayah dah banyak berkorban untuk Amie.
I'm not going to let you down.
You all that i have in this world.
I want to make you proud.

There you go.
Dah ade semangat nak buat kerja.
Thanks mr blog for letting me to pour my heart out on you.
Dah lega dah.
Okay, bye2..(",)

Happy 3rd Anniversary My Boy..(",)

Congratulation to both of us sayang!!
I know that 3 years is a long journey.
May our love go strong, day by day.
Love you...kiss*kiss*..(",)

Monday, October 26, 2009


Malaysian Night is over!
Now it's the time to struggle for exams and so on.
Nak cuti lagi boleh x??

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yup, that's the only thing that i can do right now.
Quiz mgmt yang macam xboleh bla.
Sampai2 rumah igt nk tidur, tp tak...
Layan Nur Kasih dan ANTM dulu.
Nak tgk The Vampire Diaries, xde lg.
Tomorrow is the night!
Malaysian Night in Purdue.
Good luck to everyone who participates.
Make Malaysia proud!
Malaysia Boleh!!..(",)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Down with Fever...("_)

Badan semua sengal2.
Nak buat keje pun tak selesa.
Tak suka, tak suka.
Cepat2 la sembuh

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sizzling Sunday..(",)

Hari ini ade open house at lin's.
Collaboration of two houses.
Lin's and Saini's.
The dishes were great!
Nasi lemak, laksa yg awesome, soto and some desserts.
Unfortunately, i did not have the chance to taste the soto.
Reason : Perut dah penuh!
Anyways, thanks to hosts.

After the open house, me, dina and farah went to soccer field to watch a soccer match between Malaysia and Indonesia.
Great performance from our team!
We won.
Verdict : 6-2
Babat scored 4 goals!
Another 2 goals were scored by Zaki and Azfar.
Good job guys!
I enjoyed the game.

In short, hari ini memang best!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Addicted to........

Meet me halfway - BEP
Hotel Room Service - Pitbull
Knock You Down - Keri Hilson

Listen to these songs guys,maybe you will like them as I do.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Nothing last forever.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Feel like updating my blog.
Although i have nothing much to say(type).
Yesterday went shopping with Lyn at mall and TJ Max.
Haha, rambang mata betul.
Man, this is not good!
Anyways, finally i own something that i've been looking for quite some time.
Yup, I am.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cuti di Bulan Oktober..(",)Y

Yey peeps, it's October break!
4 days of holiday is definitely something that i look forward.
I want to spoil myself.
Makan,tido dan makan tido!
Hoho, this can result in gaining some fatties.

Anyways, today, freshmen pergi Michigan City.
To shop for the upcoming winter.
Bubble jacket, scarf and winter boot.
Haha, teringat first time shopping those stuff.
Memang rambFont sizeang mata.
Rasa nak ambil semuanya.
Dengan trench coat yang mmg stylo.
Harga yang agak murah.
Tak tahan rasanya.
Nak shopping lagi boleh???

Okay enough about shopping.
Nanti terbayang2.
Well, although it's October break,nevertheless, homework never breakaway from my path.
"Thank you" my dear lecturers.
Nama pun student.
Okay peeps, i want to grab my breakfast.
Feel like having pancakes.
Tapi xde kt dapur tu.
Xpela, anything can do.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


It feels like forever since the last time i posted my last entry.
Rindu pula dgn Mr. Blog.
Well, this weekend until next Tuesday is my October break.
Cuti lagi.
It's the time to relax and recharge my energy.
Going to Ohio or just stay at home??
Nanti decide balik.

Last night i opened myPurdue to check my final exams schedule.
Hoho, 'CANTEK' betul tarikh2 dan waktu2 yg ditetapkan.
DE : 12/14/2009 at 7pm (Monday)
STAT417 : 12/18/2009 at 8am (Friday)
MGMT201:12/19/2009 at 8am(Saturday)

Waa, 2 exams begin as early as 8 AM!!!!
Doakanla aku boleh bgn.
Gap between the 1st and 2nd exam mmg jauh.
Siap boleh berfoya2 lagi.
I thought I can finish early.
BUT, ade jugak exam hari sabtu.
Terima sahajalah.
Pray for me okay

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Done!!..(",)

Yey, dh habis first batch of exams!!
I like!!!
I only have 3 papers for this semester.
DE, MGMT 201 and STAT 417.
Which means, finals pn ade 3 papers!
Tp, homework melambak!
I guess it's compulsory!

Btw, this saturday, i'll be heading to Chicago for RAYA CELEBRATION!
Tak sabarnya!
Jmpa bdk2.
Makan bnyk2 and, KFC....??
Haha, hopefully!
Ok peeps, take care and have a nice day~..(",)