Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lagi 3 hari.

Yup, 3 more days then school will begin!
Waah, dah senior year dah.
Never thought this time will come.
Dah tua dah.
Anyhow, welcome back to all boilermakers!
Glad to have you guys again.
Takdelah sunyi Purdue ni.
One more thing, the new students semakin bertambah2.
26 JPAs and 15 MARAs.
Welcome guys.
Belajar rajin2 ye adik2.
Well, i just pray everything goes well with this final year.
May it be the best year ever.

1 comment:

saje nk bg tau..(",) said...

waaa..cik akak kite daa jd sem jd super senior plak..huu...pastuh blik tanah air.huu..anyway,gud luck to you all..(",)