Saturday, December 17, 2011

One Fine Saturday.

Today's mission is to stay at home.
Sebab every Saturday, i would end up keluar dengan kawan2.
Name it shopping malls or anywhere yang best untuk berjalan.
So, let me try my best to stay at home today.
Plus, ada project paper yang kena buat.

For this past 5 days, i've been working at Etiqa Bangsar.
Not really working i would say.
It is much more to observing and get familiar with work life in insurance company.
What i can say about it, everyone is somehow busy with his/her work.
Especially our mentor.
Well, me and Dina dah macam tak tau apa nak buat in the office.
Maybank located us at Corporate Actuarial Department.
Quite interesting though.
Hopefully, for the 6 months intern, we're going to stick with the same department.
Naze at Risk Management.
You go girl!

Okay, enough about work.
Let's talk about food department.
Lately, i've been indulging a lot of food.
Nak makan ni, terus pergi cari.
It's like i'm following my desire all the time.
Nak prosperity, pergi Mc'd KL Sentral.
As a result, dah makan beef and chicken's prosperity.
But, i prefer beef though!
I must confess, after 3 years of not indulging prosperity, rasa dia SEDAP SANGAT!
Daging yang lembut and curly fries yang sedap.
Okay memang tidak mengecewakan i tell you.
Plus, dah pergi Restoran Full House.
Makanan Sedap!
Chilis' molten chocolate cake - DOUBLE SEDAP!!
Apa lagi yang belum cuba?
Haaa, Delicious belum lagi.
One fine day, i will go and try the food.

Kerja dah, makan dah.
Oh lepas tu, dapat buat small reunion with Kak Shida and zara.
Our super super senior is back in Malaysia for year end vacation.
So nice.
Plus, dapat jumpa lindot yang dah lama xjumpa.
Basically, a lot of things happened for the past days.
i am happy.
So, i guess that's all about it.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!
Stay happy :D

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