Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Friday!

Assalamualikum all.
It has been ages since the last time i updated my blog.
I miss blogging a longgggg entry.
One entry that i can pour my heart out.
I think the last time i did it when i was back in college.
Ahhhhhh, i miss the good old days.
Good times. Good times.
Anyhow, it's working life right now.
You have to work your ass off to earn hard cash.
No money, no talk.
Anyway, have i told you that i'm 7-month pregnant?
Yup, that's true.
Insyaallah, in early December, i'll greet my little me.
Doctor says it's a GIRL!
Hehe. I am excited!
Please pray everything goes well for me and my baby.
Thank you Allah for everything.
I am indeed grateful for everything that i have.

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