Monday, February 14, 2011


I'll be missing my college life.
So much drama but still, that makes it interesting.
Walaupun kadang2 sakit kepala fikir pasal itu, ini.
Kawan2 yang pelbagai ragam.

Anyhow,it's 7 degree celcious outside.
I'm loving it.
No more coldness.
Please, dah tak tahan sejuk2 ni.
I want my spring real fast!
Not too cold nor too hot.
Just niceeee.

Plus, i can't wait for my spring break to come.
Cruise, Bahamas and Florida.
3 in 1.
I need sunshine,beaches and eye candies maybe?
This will be my last break and travelling in the states i guess.
I'm gonna make the best out of it.
100% sure.

Okay, for now i need to focus on my exam.
Let's nail it and make Mr Jose proud.

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