Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lots of plans.

I have so many things on my mind right now.
I wanna eat this and that.
I wanna go there and here.
I wanna meet you and you.
And many more.

The biggest challenges are time and money.
Sometimes, i have the time, but no money.
On the hand, sometimes you've got the cash but no time to execute the plan.
So, i need to plan wisely.
Well the irony thing is, the spontaneous plan works the best.
For instant, when you don't plan for it in the first place, then when you say it and go for it, it happens!
Do you get me?
It's like, last minute things work most of the time.

Nevertheless, a well planned plan is needed for some serious things.
Last minute calls will lead you to dead ends.
I should be able do differentiate that.

Okayla, i'm just thinking out loud right now.
Just wanna jot down this point for myself.
Oh btw it's CNY break.
Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it.
Have prosperous year ahead.
Don't forget to eat prosperity burger and mandarins.

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