Monday, January 23, 2012

New year with a new design.

Hello there!
Happy Chinese New Year!
It's a year of DRAGON!
And i'm one of the dragon babies.
May this year bring lots of happiness and joy in our lives.

Well, for some reason, i feel like changing my blog template and color.
Instead of plain white that i used to have, i change it to orange color.
More vibrant and alive.
With that, i hope i have more reasons to update my blog.
Nowadays, my time is taken by tumblr.
One of the coolest inventions in this era!
Loads of pictures and interesting stuff.

Okay, let's cut it short here.
I have one concern over myself.
Why is it hard for me to spend my money on novels?
I rather indulge expensive food with that cash than having one nice and enjoyable novel.
Why eh?
But in the states, i love buying novels.
It's cheap over there.
Even food cost higher than a novel.
Yeahh, probably, that's the case.
It's quite expensive here.
Okalah, stop babbling la self.
Let's eat lunch.

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