Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Penyakit Hati..(",)

Anda semua mesti tahu kan?
Yup, that is true!
Penyakit M!
Susah betul nak lawan ni.
Instead of doing your homework, you digress with something more fun.
Like facebook, stalking people, reading blogs, errr...watching hindi movies?
Well, as long as it distracts you from getting all your things done, that is not good!
I must combat!
Tolonglah rajin.
Tolong ek.
Thank you!


saje nk bg tau..(",) said...

caiyok2..u can fight..u can fight..i know u..n wish we can fight it..4 our future too..huu..(",)

~Amira Abd Rani~ said...