Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowing Again..(",)

Yup, it's snowing again folks!
Bumi West Lafayette dilitupi dengan salji yang putih suci.
It's beautiful and painful at the same time.
Beautiful = the scenery.
Painful = waking up and attending classes.

Anyhow, 1 exam down today and 2 more to go.
One on this Thursday and another one will be on next Monday.
Dear God, help me go through with all of it successfully.

Oh, one more thing, finals schedule is out!
I hate to say that I still have an exam on Saturday.
Why Purdue, why????
Never mind.
Hurm, i have 4 papers for final.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
And then, i'm done with Spring 2010!

Ceh, macam dah nak akhir sem je cakap pasal final.
Padahal baru satu bulan belajar.

Okay folks, enjoy your snow!


saje nk bg tau..(",) said...

huhu..caiyok2..hehee..duagaan betul ek stdy bile time snow..huu..anyway..good luck 4 everything...mmuaahh..mmuuaahh..mmuuuaahh..semangat 4 dera..mmuuahh..(",)

~Amira Abd Rani~ said...

thanks syg..

syafiqah said...

good luck mira! i know you can score. :)

dila oren said...

gudluck dear ;)

~Amira Abd Rani~ said...

apek & dila :

thanks babes!
syg kamu berdua.